Dr. Funnaps' Fantastic Hypnosis Show
The Creepiest Show On Earth

Each of our heroes found themselves in the port town of Falconcliff. While going about their errands and various business, they came into possession of a green pamphlet with purple writing. It invited them to Dr. Funnaps Fantastic Hypnosis Show. 

At the show Dr. Funnaps invited them all onstage where he hypnotized them sending them into a a void.

Smoke tentacles sprouted from the ground but were fended off. Dr. Funnaps began to complain about the adventurers' still beating hearts and roiled the world to send nightmare after nightmare at them.

A facsimile of Queen Helena holding a man by the throat appeared. She screamed at him to tell her where the girls are but when he refused she tore his throat out. 

Once defeated, a blind man with a sword, whom Byron recognized, appeared in smoke form. He was eventually defeated but was quickly replaced by the image of a Gnomish woman who was descended upon and devoured by a large humanoid bird that turned out to look exactly like Claire's old master. 

The group overcame this last monstrosity and were freed from the void, but not before Dr. Funnaps ripped something from their minds.

When everyone awoke, they realized that everyone else in the bar was dead. 

Soon after, Mayor Vondrax entered the bar and begged them to help him. This mass death isn't the first time it has happened. The group learned that Mayor Vondrax had sent his Vizier of Justice, Eglantine to find out more about what was going on. The one problem though, She was captured by the Hammermen on her way back to Falconcliff.



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