A Necessary Rescue

That Milk Haired Bitch

The group, after a short conversation with Vondrax, made their way to the Northern road to seek out some Hammermen the Mayor said had been raiding along that road. 

They murdered a whole bunch of bandits very quickly, causing one young man to shift his allegiance. He readily gave up all the information he had about his commrads in hopes of the group sparing his life. After some bickering in the party, Brother Lighav gave the kid an out. He convinced the young man his life would be better spent in service to Gaius and the young man readily agreed to go to Throst and devote his life to the temple of Libra. 

After that encounter the group made its way to the Hammermen's Hideout. They took out the entrance guards by convincing them that they were returning Hammermen with prisoners.

They then got into a bloody fight with the rest of the Hammermen in their cave, killing them all. After a search of the area they found a well used and decently furnished hideout. There were quite a few items of interest that these bandits had filched off of unwary travelers and quite a large amount of gold. 

In a back room they found a map detailing the area around Falconcliff where the best spots for banditry lay.  

In a small dirty jail cell the group met Eglantine. Her curt and abrasive manner didn't go over very well but the group ultimately freed her. 

The last portion of the hideout was a well furnished commanders' room. It seemed that someone had left in quite a hurry leaving only a few personal effects behind and their shrine to Shal-Tarak

After Brother Lighav destroyed the shrine, the group was met at the entrance to the cave by a White Haired Drow woman, we now know as Shey-Gethral. They fought hard and seemed to kill her, but a golden liquid reattached her severed head.

Before she disappeared in a cloud of smoke she told the group "The mind's eye will be completed. There is nothing you can do to stop it. Sweet Dreams."

The group made their way back to Falconcliff and revealed all they knew to Vondrax. He told them that the Mind's Eye was a children's morality tale. Something about not manipulating your friends. he an Eglantine urged the group to travel to Crannor to find out more and hopefully take out the evil queen, Helena. 

They all agreed and went to rest for their journey.




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