A Fateful Journey

They're On A Boat!

Alice and Claudius had a moment together at the beginning of the day. They talked about he confusing and yet seemingly shared vision they had with Dr. Funnaps. Alice revealed her connection and gave a short history about the [[Sister's of the Fey]]. Claudius revealed that the man in the vision was his father and he has been searching for other relatives for some time now.

After their chat, Eglantine and the rest of the group made its way to the docks and hopped passage on a mail ship, the Gloomy Grouper, captained by Captain Steve, a lively and exceedingly acrobatic gnome. 

He informed the group that touching any of the mail would result in their immediate removal from the boat, surprisingly everyone seemed to respect that request.

Other member's of Captain Steve's crew included, His Hlf-Orc Lieutenant Grull, Ox a human sailor, Ashlen an elven sailor and Emmit a dwarf sailor. 

After learning more about the crew and their "closeness" as a team, and Emmit, using his special Silver Thimbles, plopped down the last bag of mail, the ship got underway. 

The first day went rather smoothly, but a black letter with a white seal of Shal-Tarak disconcerted some of the group. Over a dinner conversation with the captain he assured them that there was nothing he could do about the letter, but he would not stop them following it to its final destination. 

In the middle of the night, the ship was suddenly attacked by a Drow raiding vessel. It closed in on them fast, but an Air Elemental, conjured by Alice, slowed the ship and almost swamped it. Unfortunately it drew in close, firing its cannons all the way, unfortunately taking Ox with one of their volleys.

The group fought valiantly. Brother Lighav threw himself onto the other ship and took out numerous drow sailors. Claudius reined down lighting from the sky after shattering a hole in the middle of the boat. Alice's Elemental reeked havoc while she set the pirates boat on fire. Claire kept lookout and demolished a number of pirates with his magic missiles. Byron, in the confusion of battle managed to steal the Silver Thimbles from Emmit.

Gus, who early on flew into the ship to look for prisoners came out just as the Drow pirate captain beheaded Ashlen, whom he had spent the previous night with.

He threw the Pirate Captain into a confused state causing him to fall overboard and drown.

After the carnage Lighav, Alice and Claire searched the vessel. Lighav freed a Drow prisoner, They-Marten, who was carried back to their ship by Claire. 

Lighav and Alice then looted as much as they could, taking a number of odd objects, but the most interesting one was a black wooden box with white ivory inlay and a white ivory crest.

Inside they found blueprints to Glennfordshire Castle, a buttload of Lanterns, and Drow Dark Cloaks.

After scuttling the boat the group questioned this worn out Drow, They-Marten. He revealed that he is a member of the Nordrowen. They are followers of Hargash who preaches peace and wisdom. Unlike the Sudrowen, who worship the hateful and evil Shal-Tarak

He promised to help them, as much as he could, for saving his life. 

After a small funeral for Ashlen and Ox, the group rested. In the wee hours of the morning the Gloomy Grouper made its way into a small cove where Korra Bluenettle was waiting. 

She lead them to Keebler's, a tavern hidden in a tree.



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