Little Gus

A Pixie with a Problem


Height: 7’’
Weight: What are you a weirdo? Why do you need to know that?
Build: BURP Like a pixie.
Skin: White
Hair: Dark BLonde
Clothing: They made me put on pants, it’s total crap.
Weapons: MAGIC Motherfucker!
Notable Features: I mean BURP I’m pretty drunk. That’s notable.


Little Gus came across Alice in the woods as a child, while in the middle of a four day bender. In a blackout drunk state, after she said they should be best friends, he made a blood pact with her, swearing to protect her until the day she died. He did not realize that she was a witch.

As an adult, he was what appeared when she summoned her first fey companion, summoned back to her. It appears that the spell they cast during her childhood bound him to her literally until she dies. He can die, but only to resurrect 10 hours later.

He remembers every death.

Little Gus

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