Claudius Tenebrae

Half-Elf Bard rocker


Height: 5’ 10"
Weight: 160 lbs
Build: Skinny
Skin: Pale
Hair: Brown
Clothing: Disheveled and well-traveled. Also, purple.
Weapons: His wit, an enchanted sitar, and a rapier in case things get nasty.
Notable Features: Strange sunglasses, which he never removes.


Claudius Tenebrae is an effete, ornery half-elf outcast and also a traveling bard.

He’s gained a modicum of fame in parts of Cerebor for his rocking shows – complete with billowing smoke, anachronistic lasers (prestidigitation magic), and his “electric guitar” (a sitar that works as his magical focus – and which echoes with magic “reverb”).

Well into a successful career, Claudius broke from his official tour plans in favor of a more esoteric jaunt across the many lands of Cerebor to recharge his creative energies (and clear his head of a variety of illicit substances).

During this ongoing sojourn, Claudius has also delved into his pre-bard past as a researcher, seeking the answer to a question that haunts him: a question with his music at its heart.

Claudius Tenebrae

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