Claire De Loon

Aarakocraan Divination Wizard with a Dash of Sage


Height: 5’2"
Weight: 92 lbs
Build: Medium
Skin: Feathers
Hair: White Feathers
Age 7 years old
Weapons: Magic and my mighty Talons
Notable Features: A particular beak that is associated with the McLoon Clan

Coming from the prestigious MacLoon clan, greatness is nearly pre-ordained. From the humble concertos of my great great grandbirdfather Claude Debussy MacLoon, player of many MacLoony tunes, to my rich uncle Scrooge MacLoon, the business tycoon, every Aarakocraan in the MacLoon clan is gifted with genius in one form or another. I was raised under the wing of Merloon, the greatest Wizard in all the land; the very same that granted the famous sword Excalibird to my ancestor Lex Loonther, ruler of our metropolis in the sky.

One day I was cleaning Merloon’s lab when I stumbled upon a book of spells that Merloon forbade me from reading. Unable to curb my curiosity, I read from the book and was confronted with divinations of my death and the possibility of cheating it. Merloon soon discovered my transgressions. He stripped me of my MacLoon title and exiled me from our home nest. This is why I now go by Claire de Loon instead of my birth name Connor “The Highlander” MacLoon.

Now, I travel the land studying the powers and mysteries of this world all while trying to cheat death and prove Merloon wrong for exiling me.

Claire De Loon

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