Byron Nettlebough

Lightfoot Halfling Duelist


Height: 3’2"
Weight: 80 lb
Build: Lean
Skin: Covered in the stuff
Hair: Dark Brown
Clothing: Dark leather armor beneath a fine long coat that is cinched at the waist by a silk sash
Weapons: Rapier
Notable Features: Pristine eyebrows


Byron Nettlebough is a lightfoot halfling fighter. Though not entirely forthright, he is generally friendly and charming. Despite his diminutive stature, he carries himself with great confidence.

He wields his rapier with utmost grace and dexterity, determined not only to defeat every opponent he faces, but to do so with perfect form. Indeed, it is his highest ambition to become the greatest duelist in the land.

However, dueling in itself is not very gainful employment. And so, in order to improve his craft and make his way, Byron will travel from place to place, goading impetuous young nobles into duels. The night before the contest is set to take place, he will disguise himself as a bookie and collect wagers on the duel, placing the odds squarely against his alter ego. Come morning, he proves his deadly skill and leaves town a good deal richer.

As much coin as this scheme has earned, it has earned him far more enmity amongst powerful families. Though he regularly changes his identity, he is rarely more than two steps ahead of the bounty hunters that stalk him.

Byron Nettlebough

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