"Brother" Lighav Houuke

Half-Orc Paladin of the Church of Libra


Height: 6’10"
Weight: 333lbs
Build: NFL Linebacker
Skin: Almost albino white with a green tint
Hair: Black, One long braid wrapped in a tight circular coil. A colorful prayer bead is sown in every 6 inches.
Clothing: Chain Mail that has never seen battle. It bears the symbol of my god everywhere, NASCAR style. It bears a beautiful cape that goes down to the knees.
Weapons: Maul and
Notable Features: Under Bite, No nose to speak of, huge beard


Having no memory of his childhood Brother Lighav only remembers the church. He was raised by kind clerics, who treated him well as the groomed him to become a powerful paladin. However, the clerics were very over-protective and didn’t release Brother Lighav into the world, forcing him to stay within the confines of the temple. This was the only life he ever knew so Brother Lighav didn’t mind.

As Lighav grew older he grew close to a Gnome Cleric named Deepheart. She was the mother he never had and she loved him in kind. She would often entertain Lighav with stories of a Half-orc who was a champion of the god of Freedom. Brother Lighav had never heard of a Half-orc hero in any religious text, he was amazed. Lighav became obsessed with this hero and began to model his life after the stories Mother Deepheart told him. He walks in his shadow and footprints to this day.

Recently Deepheart has gone missing, but the night before she vanished she left Lighav an important gift. Lighav has since left the temple for the first time and is venturing out in the name of the god of freedom. He hasn’t been out of the temple more than a year, and his search for Mother Deepheart has stalled. He might never find her, but he will spread freedom wherever he goes…

"Brother" Lighav Houuke

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